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3M Architectural Panel Tapes for Building & Construction
The freedom to imagine. To design. To build.

3M™ VHB™ Architectural Panel Tapes

  • A high performance double-sided pressure sensitive acrylic foam tape used in the fabrication and attachment of architectural panel systems. Benefits include:

    • Increased productivity – immediate handling strength reduces assembly and delivery time
    • Improved appearance over traditional fastening methods; the potential to eliminate screws, rivets and welding
    • Proven performance and durability in architectural panel applications since 1980
    • Less than 5% adhesive waste factor


    Typical applications include attachment of:

    • Exterior architectural panels (metal, composites, glass, phenolic and plastics)
    • Building cladding
    • Panel stiffeners
    • Interior architectural panels
    • Decorative metal and trim
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