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Electrical Construction and Maintenance

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  • 3M Electrical Tape

    Electrical tape is an essential component of any installation, repair and manufacturing project. 3M invented vinyl electrical tape and today we offer durable, reliable electrical tapes, designed to protect in the most challenging environments.

    3M electrical tapes and mastics; protect, seal and mark applications in the construction and maintenance industry. Electrical equipment and wire harness markers can count on 3M tapes to provide field-proven insulation, mechanical support, grounding and EMI shielding.

Electrical Tapes for Construction, Maintenance and Power Distribution

Electrical Tapes for Original Equipment Manufacturing

History of 3M Electrical Tape

  • 3M invented vinyl electrical tape in 1946

    Did you know? 3M invented vinyl electrical tape in 1946.

    While World War II devoured rubber supplies, alternatives were needed and 3M responded. Today, Scotch® Super 33+™ Vinyl Electrical Tape is New Zealand's #1 professional grade electrical tape.

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