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    Sterilisation Monitoring

    • The Attest brand advantage helps you raise the standard of care with standardised workflows, education, and expert support.

      With the 3M™ Attest™ system for steam, vapourised hydrogen peroxide, and ethylene oxide, you get the technology you need to make monitoring every load a possible reality, ensuring patient safety at an even higher level.

      Using the Attest system across modalities gives you the advantage of consistent equipment, interfaces, workflows, processes and training across your department, potentially reducing human error and helping your team work more effectively.

      You also get unlimited access to service, support and 70 years of sterilisation assurance experience. We back our products with a team of experts who will support your team — we’re here to help.

    A full portfolio of innovative products to ensure Sterilisation success.

    • 3M™ Attest™ Rapid Biological Indicator System for Vapourised Hydrogen Peroxide provides fast results for low-temperature sterilisation with the same BI technology and quality you expect from 3M.

    • For more than 25 years, 3M has offered industry-leading technology for steam sterilisation assurance. Our history of innovation has resulted in 3M™ Attest™ Super Rapid Readout Biological Indicators, the trusted choice for sterilisation departments around the world.

    • EO

      For more sensitive instruments that require low-temperature sterilisation, 3M offers 3M™ Attest™ Rapid Readout Biological Indicators and Test Packs for Ethylene Oxide (EO).

    Standards-based education and training

    • Person opening a pack after sterilization

      Keep up with the latest advances in sterilisation technology, processes, and standards with our free, standards-based education content specifically designed for Sterile Processing professionals. 3M™ Sterile U, a network of the most up-to-date educational services and training resources, is now part of 3M℠ Health Care Academy, a program dedicated to improving the competency and confidence of sterile processing professionals, structured to let you learn at your own pace at times that are convenient for you.

      See all on-demand Sterile Processing webinars.

    Support when you need it

    • Two people in protective laboratory clothing reviewing information on a computer screen

      Our certified Technical Service group is ready to answer your questions related to sterilization and reprocessing products, standards, and process troubleshooting. Our team, many with backgrounds in microbiology, chemistry, and other related disciplines, are not only experts on product-related issues, but they use their clinical understanding and knowledge of standards to advise you and get your questions answered.

      For hardware or software support, our 3M Health Care Service team can provide the right support for your situation.

      Connect with 3M Sterilisation and Monitoring support resources.

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