Investing in science, technology, engineering and math around the world.

3M’s Commitment to Education

3M partners with schools, universities and other community organisations around the globe to ensure students and teachers have the tools, resources and knowledge they need to succeed. It is through these interactions that we support the next generation of great leaders, thinkers and creators.


  • Increase student achievement in STEM and business curriculum
  • Support post-secondary programs that attract, retain and develop graduate students
  • Promote equity by driving access to quality education for all communities
  • FIRST challenge

    3M partners with FIRST® to help young people discover and develop a passion for STEM through team sponsorship and with the support of 3M volunteers, In Australia, 3M supports an all-girls robotics team via sponsorship and 3M employee mentorship.

  • 3M’s Science at Home provides teachers and parents with simple science experiments for kids that can be conducted at home by students ages 6-12. Demonstrated by 3M scientists and celebrities such as Miss America, these science experiments use common household items and are designed to reinforce core scientific principles. STEM education is critical to the future of science, and we’re committed to support schools everywhere through e-learning.

  • Students and Teacher

    3M is helping to generate interest and passion for the trades through its sponsorship of WorldSkills in the United States. This global organisation which showcases the value of skills and raises recognition of skilled professionals worldwide.