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Matching Gifts for Employees and Retirees

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Gift Matching Information

  • College campus
    College and University Match
    • Minimum gift: $25
    • Maximum match: $5,000 in a calendar year*
    • Matching of total gifts made to colleges/universities and/or diverse scholarship nonprofits cannot exceed $5,000 per calendar year.
    • Employees matched 1:1
    • Retirees matched .50:1 until five-year anniversary of retirement; then no longer eligible
    • Checks are processed in March, July and December each year
  • 3Mgives Volunteers
    Volunteer Match
    • A $250 cash grant is made in volunteer's name, one time per calendar year, to an eligible school or nonprofit
    • Employees require a minimum 20 hours of service
    • Retirees require a minimum 25 hours of service
    • Checks are processed in April and November each year

We match gifts in the following areas.

*The cash match applies to personal gifts paid, not pledged. Gifts can be paid by check, credit card or in the form of a security with a quoted market value. 3Mgives will also match gifts made through charitable trusts, gift accounts or donor-advised funds at community foundations. No other forms of personal or real property are matched.