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Investing in a more sustainable world.

3M engages in environmental initiatives to make a positive impact on the Earth.

3Mgives invests in initiatives that foster sustainable communities. This includes projects that protect threatened ecosystems, underpin local economies, enhance livelihoods and promote science-based environmental education.


  • Enable key partners to sustainably manage and maintain at-risk habitats
  • Improve economic outcomes for indigenous peoples through green development and the promotion of green livelihoods
  • Increase the number of children receiving quality environmental learning activities

Environmental Program Highlights

Boreal Forest
Conserving the heart of Canada’s Boreal Forest

3M has joined The Nature Conservancy in transforming how forest resources are managed in Canada's Boreal Forest. This project is a model for the sustainable supply of economically viable fibre, while also providing jobs for local communities. In addition, it helps protect natural and high conservation value forests and peatlands, along with the threatened species that depend on them, while also respecting the rights of Indigenous peoples and enhancing their role in direct management and decision-making.

recyclable materials
Partnering with the Closed Loop Fund

Through an investment in the Closed Loop Fund, 3M has joined the world’s leading companies to help municipalities develop and implement recycling programs. This landmark corporate partnership invests in solutions that help address a top environmental concern, generate needed revenue for cities, and create thousands of jobs.

Berau Rainforet
Helping Protect and Manage the Berau Rainforest

3M partnered with The Nature Conservancy in 2014 to empower local communities in Berau, Indonesia to protect and manage their rainforest. 3M’s $500,000 investment is providing training on land use planning and natural resource management to help locals develop green livelihoods.