Radiologist using a speech recorder while reviewing x-rays on a computer

3M™ M*Modal Fluency for Imaging


An integrated diagnostic reporting solution, 3M Fluency for Imaging combines advanced speech recognition technology, real-time clinical insights, information-enabled workflow management and productivity-enhancing tools. Focused on optimising the radiologist’s experience, 3M Fluency for Imaging enables more efficient creation of higher-quality documentation and drives actions that support value-driven care and the transition to Imaging 3.0™

  • Superior user experience with higher accuracy

    3M Fluency for Imaging employs 3M speech understanding, which is far more than the usual voice-to-text software as it uniquely includes natural language understanding technology to contextually understand what the radiologist is saying for unmatched accuracy and performance. A single, cloud-based user profile is shared across all 3M speech-enabled documentation solutions for collective learning and continuous improvement.

  • Real time support with computer-assisted physician documentation (CAPD)

    With its built-in CAPD functionality, 3M Fluency for Imaging provides real-time, automated and interactive clinical insights to radiologists within their reporting workflow. This market-changing capability continuously analyses the narrative at the time of its creation to identify and address gaps in documentation quality from an ICD-10 and clinical perspective.

"3M’s voice recognition accuracy is outstanding, which allows me to read with continued focus. In addition, the CAPD real-time feedback has saved me many times from right/left mistakes and calmed my fears of ICD-10 documentation specificity."

Dr. Arif S. Kidwai, M.D.

MBA, President, St. Johns Radiology Associates, reading for Flagler Hospital

  • Information-driven workflow management

    We count clicks, steps and seconds because we know you do. This helps improve radiologists’ efficiency and overall documentation experience without compromising quality. Workflow extensions for critical test results management (CTRM) and peer review are completely integrated into the reporting workflow to automate processes further and improve compliance.

  • Interoperable with leading PACS, RIS, EMRs and clinical systems

    3M Fluency for Imaging is designed to be interoperable with your existing systems, requiring no deep integration for ease and speed of deployment. Due to its open architecture, 3M Fluency for Imaging can be seamlessly integrated with third-party solutions such as DICOM structured report measurements to deliver greater in-workflow efficiency and compliance.

    • Critical communications
    • Radiation dose reporting
    • Contrast data
    • DICOM structured report measurements

Integrated with 3M™ M*Modal Scout

  • Built on the same technology platform, 3M Fluency for Imaging works seamlessly with our business intelligence and analytics solution so that radiologists and administrators can have ready access to summarised tactical, operational and clinical information that is immediately actionable. This enables you to track, report and improve the value you deliver to the patient care continuum.

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