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Transform revenue processes

Improve revenue integrity while reducing the burden on CDI and coding


Clinical Documentation Integrity, clinical coding and types of patient classification systems

As hospitals, health systems and other providers look for ways to streamline the revenue cycle, automate coding and reduce burdens on clinical staff, it has never been more important to facilitate collaboration between teams. 3M is committed to closing the loop between clinical care and revenue integrity without increasing administrative burdens. For more than 30 years, we have worked with our clients and industry experts to develop classification, grouping and reimbursement calculation systems for a number of care settings. 

Our solutions and services help organisations to transform the clinical coding processes while remaining compliant to whichever patient classification systems are required. Learn more about 3M’s solutions that will help to improve your revenue cycle process.

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    Clinical Documentation Integrity

    3M software and services leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to help organisations prioritise worklists, manage Hospital-acquired complications (HACs) and coding queries while still focusing on quality of care.

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    Clinical Coding

    3M software and services help organisations and teams code accurately, reduce denials and achieve compliance the first time with health management information system.

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    Patient classification methodologies

    For more than 30 years, 3M has developed and refined methodologies to help organisations control costs, increase access to quality care and analyse reliable metrics.

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