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Driver for change: How 3M brings the focus back to medicine

Florida Medical Clinic Tampa, Fla.

Florida Medical Clinic

  • Gus Taylor is the chief administrative officer of Florida Medical Clinic, a multispecialty clinic serving the North Tampa area with more than 60 locations and 350 physicians, as well as ancillary departments offering a network of medical support. Previously a medical product manager, Taylor helped build and develop the Greenway Intergy™ solution.

    He recently shared Florida Medical Clinic’s clinical documentation experience and how 3M M*Modal’s advanced speech recognition allows its physicians to spend less time learning and overcoming technology challenges, and more time focusing on what’s most important: practicing medicine.

    "Doctors want to be doctors and care for their patients. We had a competitive product that wasn’t working for us."

    — Gus Taylor
    Chief administrative officer,
    Florida Medical Clinic

Taking steps to achieve improved clinical documentation and physician satisfaction

  • Challenge

    Competitive documentation solution did not meet clinician needs

  • Solutions

    • 3M™ M*Modal Fluency Direct
    • 3M M*Modal virtual assistant solutions
    • 3M M*Modal transcription solutions
  • Benefits

    • Increased physician documentation productivity, flexibility and efficiency
    • Higher accuracy and performance
    • Cost savings
    • Faster turnaround times

The decision to transition to 3M

"Our doctors just were not happy with our previous voice-to-text solution. It did not work as well as it needed to. If you are a doctor, you do not want to have to review everything you say; you just expect it to work. A 90 percent, 92 percent, 93 percent accuracy is just not good enough. That’s why we chose to move forward with 3M™ M*Modal Fluency Direct. It worked very well out of the box. We did some tests, and it blew our previous product away. We switched every single doctor to 3M Fluency Direct. We also transitioned to 3M medical transcription. It has saved us a lot of money, and we are getting better turnaround time than we were receiving with our in-house transcription team. Looking back, we wonder why we ever wasted management time and dollars on things that do not have anything to do with seeing or treating a patient. Let’s let the experts do it!"

— Gus Taylor
Chief administrative officer,
Florida Medical Clinic

3M solutions implemented:

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    3M Fluency Direct
  • Icon of a laptop with a person on the screen
    3M virtual assistant solutions
  • Icon of a medical document with sound waves next to it
    3M transcription solutions

3M technology works with physicians’ workflows

"The biggest issues are documentation and coding. Those are two key areas where we have to continue to help our doctors. Our providers are being asked to do more for less pay. Doctors know exactly how many clicks it takes to order a prescription or perform a different function in the EHR, and they want less clicking buttons. The only way to balance their life is through technology that works for their workflows. Whether that is using a 3M Fluency Direct product of voice-to-text, a virtual scribe or a live scribe, they have to find ways to really not focus on how they get their work done, but rather focus on medicine. Our job is really to try to put enough tools in front of them so that they can do that."

— Gus Taylor
Chief administrative officer,
Florida Medical Clinic

Independent physician challenges:

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    Complex documentation requirements
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    Cumbersome workflows
  • Icon of people with a clock in front of them
    Less face time with patients
  • Icon of a doctor with squiggly lines above their head
    Physician burnout

3M solutions give clinicians flexibility to work how they want

"Everyone practices differently. Everyone documents differently. We have some physicians who type. We have hundreds who use 3M Fluency Direct. We have a bunch of physicians who use transcription. We let them do their work how they want, and we try to look for solutions to things that are preventing them from actually getting their work done in a timely manner."

— Gus Taylor
Chief administrative officer,
Florida Medical Clinic

Clinical documentation flexibility:

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Real results with 3M

  • Icons of a stack of documents with 85% shown in blue and 15% in white

    Less night and weekend work

    85% of all notes finished within three days
    Remaining 15% of notes finished within two weeks

    "I don’t see the physicians on at night and weekends anymore. We went from notes being 45 to 60 days old, to 85 percent of all notes finished within three days, and the other 15 percent within two weeks. From that perspective, and from our compliance perspective, we can definitely quantify that the work is being done in a much timelier manner. I think the only way that that can happen is through the technology and tools we are providing physicians."

    — Gus Taylor
    Chief administrative officer,
    Florida Medical Clinic

Productivity and efficiency gains

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    Notes completed faster
  • Icon of a clock with 3/4 of the border as a dotted line
    Reduced after hours work
  • Thumbs-up icon
    Increased physician satisfaction

Looking to the future

"A 3M technology that is working very well for doctors is virtual scribing. I think that’s the future of patient care, where the doctor can see the patient, look at the patient and talk about what he or she wants. And in the background, without anyone else in the room, documentation and charting is just happening."

— Gus Taylor
Chief administrative officer,
Florida Medical Clinic


  • Artificial and ambient intelligence surfaces critical information from the EHR for better clinical decision making
  • Automated routine tasks to reduce administrative burden
  • Secure capture and documentation of patient encounters

Resulting in:

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    Increased focus on delivering care
  • Icon of a medical document with a check mark in front of it
    More complete documentation
  • Icon of a document in a medical file
    Less time in the EHR
  • Icon of a patient in a bed, a doctor behind and a cross symbol above
    Better patient experience

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