Computer-assisted coding and documentation: The results

A case study from a large non-profit academic medical center and their experience with the 3M™ 360 Encompass™ System

  • Hospital icon

    Hospital profile

    Location: Western United States
    Type: Large non-profit academic medical center
    Beds: 800+
    Annual admissions: 50,000+ total and 750,000+ outpatient visits

  • Their story

    To meet health care reform requirements and shifting reimbursement models, providers must capture and document a complete, accurate patient story. This organization needed to update its technology and processes to stay viable and continue its mission of providing excellent patient care in the face of new regulations and huge volumes of data. On the list of necessary updates: accurate coding automation, improved documentation, quality performance and data management.

  • The solution

    This organization selected the 3M™ 360 Encompass™ System to unite its clinical documentation and coding workflows into one comprehensive platform. The first product of its kind in the industry to automate coding and documentation improvement, 3M 360 Encompass is built on 3M logic for grouping and reimbursement that leverages natural language processing (NLP) and 3M rules.

  • Their results with 3M 360 Encompass

    After going live with the 3M 360 Encompass System, the organization reported a 50 percent increase in productivity. The new platform created a high level of accountability throughout the organization and redefined the level of accuracy in the patient story. The organization also measured a “considerable” increase in case mix index. Besides improving productivity and the bottom line, 3M 360 Encompass helped the organization improve collaboration between physicians, coders, quality and CDI teams and eliminate redundant tasks. For example, since the platform automatically tracks queries and responses, physician queries initiated by the CDI team were not repeated by coders.

  • Working in a single workflow means:

    • CDI specialists identify DRGs earlier in the patient’s stay
    • Coders can quickly alert the CDI team to evidence in the documentation that may have been overlooked
    • Teams can see each other’s notes, summaries, queries, follow ups and findings—all while the patient is still in-house

With 360 Encompass, this organization:

  • Icon representing decrease in DNFB

    Experienced a 32.7% decrease in inpatient DNFB

  • Icon representing a productivity increase

    Avoided an industry-wide decline in productivity as a result of the ICD-10 transition, instead experiencing a 50% increase in productivity

  • Icon representing a case mix index increase

    Reported a significant increase in case mix index (CMI), improving its bottom line by millions of dollars

  • Icon representing increased severity-of-illness scores

    Increased its severity-of-illness scores


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