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Soothe the burn:

Ease physician burnout with speech recognition

Clinicians battle widespread burnout and dissatisfaction in a complex health care environment with competing priorities, administrative burden and lack of time. On top of that, documentation and compliance requirements never stop.

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The physician burnout crisis:
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    78% of physicians sometimes, often or always experience feelings of burnout.¹

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    44% of physicians say burnout has a ‘severe impact’ on their lives.²

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    37% of physicians feel too much paperwork and regulations contribute to their feelings of burnout.³

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Clinical documentation burden is causing burnout:
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    55% of physicians report administrative tasks are the main cause of burnout.²

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    Physicians report spending nearly 50% of their work day on EHR and desk work while spending only 27% of their total time on direct clinical face time with patients.⁴

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    About half of physicians report not having enough time to complete clinical documentation.⁵

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    More than one-third of physicians reported moderately high or excessive time spent on the EHR at home.⁵

More than 300,000 clinicians use 3M M*Modal speech understanding solutions that are proven to improve physician satisfaction, user experience and efficiency. 3M clients:

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    Complete patient notes quicker with 52% faster clinical documentation

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    Report communicating notes three to four times quicker than typing⁶

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    Close encounters more quickly with a 30% faster closure rate⁶

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    Create time to care through a 30% increase in physician productivity⁷

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3M creates time to care for physicians by reducing administrative burden and empowering them to document in their natural workflow. Our cloud-based, EHR-compatible solutions bring conversational artificial intelligence (AI) directly into clinical workflows to help improve the well-being of both patients and physicians.

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