Making every medical record more accurate and valuable.

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With nearly 30 years of health care industry experience and the knowledge of highly qualified 3M coding experts, 3M Health Information Systems is the go-to choice for more than 5,000 hospitals worldwide that want to improve data quality, accuracy and financial performance.

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  • Coding

    Improving the quality of clinical coding.
  • Grouping

    Making clinically coded data useful for reporting, reimbursement and analysis.
  • Clinical Documentation Improvement

    Capturing what matters in the medical record.
  • Release of Information

    Ensuring a streamlined and efficient process.

  • Our contribution to quality health care and patient safety

    Committed to quality health care and patient safety.

    • 3M is passionate about creating tools which help clinicians and hospitals capture data to track and report quality and patient safety.

      3MTM CodefinderTM Software is the market leader in clinical coding software. Recently the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health (ACSQHC) highlighted the need for improved data on Hospital Acquired Complications (HAC). 3M is focussing on Codefinder enhancements to ensure accuracy with collection of this subset of data.

      Find out more: 3M™ Codefinder™ Software

      3M's expert team of clinical and coding experts are equipped to guide hospitals in their clinical documentation improvement journey. Great clinical documentation improvement programs are built on the goal of ensuring every record accurately and fully captures the complete picture of the episode of patient care while the patient is still admitted. Aside from more accurate reimbursement, another important benefit is better patient care since all those involved with treating the patient are fully informed. 

      The DDD App encourages clinicians to use more diagnoses terms in the documentation. This helps with the clinical coding process and performance reporting. It also prompts clinicians to document Hospital Acquired Complications (HACs) in the appropriate situations so that the hospital has an accurate measure of their quality and safety metrics.

      DDD App

    Leading the way with Patient Privacy and Data Security.

    • 3M is committed to complying with all applicable privacy and data protection laws, wherever it does business. 3M respects its customers’ privacy and any personal information 3M collects, regarding a customer or any third party, will be treated with care, protected, and used lawfully and properly. Privacy is everyone’s business. Protecting our customers' privacy is everyone's business.

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