3M™ ChartRelease™ is a software solution that helps hospitals streamline ‘release of information’ requests efficiently to help reduce operational costs and turnaround times, while upholding compliance to privacy regulations.

Release of information

Take control of the ROI process.

Access to information in medical records is crucial, but hospitals are facing rapidly increasing requests for Release of Information (ROI). And they are coming from an expanding list of sources – from solicitors to health funds to the patients themselves, each with their own specific requirements and processes that must be adhered to.

Many hospital medical record departments are not adequately resourced to keep up with the increasing demand, not only to provide copies of records but also to record all the steps in the process required by legislation in some jurisdictions. Some are still using manual and labour intensive paper-based methods or spreadsheets that are time consuming, difficult to manage or just not up the task. This can lead to errors, missed deadlines and a backlog of work. There is also an increasing focus on accountability around release of information making a consistent high quality approach essential.

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