3M Attest VH2O2 Sterilization Procedure Training Materials

3M vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilizer training materials

  • The 3M™ Attest™ Rapid Readout Biological Indicator System for vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilizers is cleared for use with STERRAD® 100S, STERRAD® NX® (Standard and Advanced cycles), STERRAD® 100 NX® (Standard, FLEX, Express and Duo cycles), and AMSCO® VPRO® maX (Lumen, Non Lumen, and Flexible cycles) system vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilizers. Sterilization Departments can now use our new vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilization monitoring system to help decrease biological indicator readout time, utilize instrument tracking connectivity for easier record keeping , and standardize monitoring practices across sterilization modalities.

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3M Attest Rapid Biological Indicator System In-service Instructions for Use

  • 3M Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide Chemical Indicator Tape

    How to use Hydrogen Peroxide Indicator Tape and Chemical Indicators

    Chemical indicators help detect possible sterilization failures that could be caused by incorrect packaging, incorrect loading of the sterilizer, or other malfunctions during the sterilization process. Use indicator tapes to wrap the outside of packs to differentiate unprocessed items from processed items. Use chemical indicators inside your packs to verify exposure to vaporized hydrogen peroxide and then you can also keep them for your records.

    3M™ Comply™ Hydrogen Peroxide Indicator Tape 1228 and Chemical Indicator 1248 Technical Information Sheet

  • Sterilization procedures and best practices

    Sterile Processing Department Sample Policies and Procedures for Every Load Monitoring

    In the Sterile Processing Department, device reprocessing throughput and patient safety are top priorities. 3M™ Attest™ technology now allows departments to practice every load monitoring for all modalities. We believe that proper cleaning and decontamination, followed by sterilization with a biological indicator in every load, provides the highest level of assurance. See how you can implement this practice in your department.

    Sample Policy Procedure for Every Load Monitoring
    Sample Policy Procedure for Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide Monitoring Each Cycle Type

  • Sterilization Monitoring Technical Support and Help

    Our 3M sterilization monitoring experts are here to help you. Sterile processing departments are complex and need a support team to help them run smoothly. We make it easy for managers and technicians to get information and support when they need it. There are a several ways to get help from 3M.

    • Call our 3M Sterilization Tech Line for live technical support: we have always had a technical helpline for quick access to answers. It’s easy to reach an expert at 1-800-441-1922 option 2.
    • Submit your question online: a new feature that allows customers to ask a question and have a sterilization monitoring expert call back.

    We have experts in the field near you! Typically for complex issues we may send out a Field Technical Consultant who can help troubleshoot at your facility on-site. We investigate at the source, conduct root cause analysis, and provide a solution or two to help your department to keep moving forward.

    On demand best practice learning and education courses: one of the best things any sterile processing manager or technician can do is to continue to learn. We work hard to make courses convenient about topics that are relevant to issues we hear about.

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