Robotic sanding made easy.

Streamline your robotic sanding implementation with two trusted automation industry experts. 3M and ATI have teamed up to deliver a new automated sanding solution — a complete kit including a compliant orbital sander and professionally selected 3M sanding abrasives.

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Meet the ideal solution for robotic sanding.

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    If you’re looking for more consistent part quality and surface finishes in your sanding operations, our robotic sanding kit is the ideal solution. This compact tool comes ready to mount to your industrial robot or cobot and delivers fine finishes at any pressure or orientation — even upside down.

    The affordable and flexible AOV-10 Axially Compliant Orbital Sander from ATI streamlines surface preparation processes and allows users to configure the tool for their unique process.

    The sander is optimized with the included 3M sanding discs and backup pads for maximum performance, consistent cut and long life — qualities of an efficient robotic cell.

Explore this robotic sanding solution.

ATI and 3M are offering a sanding solution that includes an AOV-10 Compliant Orbital Sander, 3M abrasives starter pack and expert application support.

  • AOV-10 Random Orbital Sander
    AOV-10 Random Orbital Sander

    AOV-10 Axially Compliant Orbital Sander is the ideal robotic solution for surface preparation and finishing. The sanding tool features adjustable compliance force and a vacuum attachment option for use with the 3M clean sand system.

  • Abrasives Starter Pack
    Abrasives Starter Pack

    Choose a 3M abrasives sanding disc starter pack to fit your needs. 3M™ Cubitron™ II 775L and 3M™ 360L sanding discs in 5” or 6” sizes with matching backup pads allow you to use the right sized disc for your sanding application.

  • Expert Support
    Expert Support

    As part of this system, 3M application engineers provide training on the use of sanding abrasives in a robotic application. These abrasives experts are also available to provide technical support for abrasives-related issues.