Finding a System Integrator

If you’re hoping to automate an abrasive process, you will likely need to partner with a system integrator. A system integrator can help you manage the design and implementation of your robotic cells. But how do you find one? These robotics industry resources – including the 3M Robotics Network – will help you get started.

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3M Robotics Network

Find a system integrator that fits your specific application needs and location from our growing network of 3M-trained robotic system integrators.

More Ways to Connect with System Integrators

From reaching out to industry organizations to networking at tradeshows, here are a few more options for connecting with robotic system integrators.

  • OEM Preferred Partner Networks

    Robot manufacturers often display preferred partners on their website. Selecting a system integrator from an OEM’s preferred list means you’re getting a partner who has deep knowledge of those particular robots. Here is a list of a few integrators from some of the major robot OEMs.

  • The Robotic Industries Association is a trade group that serves the robotics industry, providing case studies, news updates, job openings and more to industry professionals. They offer a Robot Integrator Certification Program to help you find a reliable, certified integrator for your automation needs.

  • Tradeshows offer a chance to network with a wide range of industry professionals, including system integrators. This can be a great way to make initial contact with a handful of system integrators and discuss your automaton needs. Here are some of the major US-based tradeshows. There are many more held around the world.

  • While these companies don’t manufacture robots, their products are an integral part in many robotic cells – allowing robots to apply the proper pressure, pick up parts and navigate their environments. Like robot OEMs, they have relationships with system integrators and publish lists of their preferred partners. Here is a list of some companies that publish a list of preferred partners.

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