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3M™ Scotchcast™ M-Series Cable Repair Kits
Electrical Cable Terminations
It’s time to unwind.

High-performance electrical cable terminations based on field-proven cold shrink technology, pioneered by 3M.

3M Electrical Cable Terminations

3M electrical cable terminations feature cold shrink technology, which is engineered for easy installation and long-term performance in the field. Cold shrink was introduced by 3M over 40 years ago and provides faster, easier installation and long-term reliability.

Our cold shrink terminations offer a reliable sealing solution for medium and high voltage applications, and are simple to install even in confined work areas – helping you save time and money. 3M electrical cable terminations cover a wide range of voltage levels from 3.3 kV to 33 kV.

Featured Product: 3M™ Cold Shrink QT-III Terminations

  • Reliable
    • Robust high-performance design
    • Simpler installation helps reduce craft errors
    • Integrated design helps ensure installation consistency
    • Living seal provides constant radial pressure
    • Meets or exceeds IEEE 48 , Cenelec 0278 , IEC 60502 and GB.
    • UV resistant, hydrophobic and track-resistant
    • Factory-tested material
  • Efficient
    • Helps minimise installation time in enclosed or contaminated environments
    • Helps improve outage repair and installation time through intuitive and user-friendly products
    • Step core design for easy and simple installation and wide application range
    • Compact configuration with High-K stress control tube
    • Built-in High-K stress controlling compound
    • Built-in environmental top sealing compound
    • Designed to last the life of the cable
    • No tools, torches or other heat sources required

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