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Power Transmission

3M™ Aluminum Conductor Composite Reinforced Customer Installations - High Load Growth

  • Shanghai Electric Power Company, Shanghai, China – YangGao to XinZhou (Yangxing line), 220 kV

    On October 14, 2007, Shanghai Electric became the first utility in Asia to install and energize 3M ACCR. Shanghai Electric, a publicly owned utility whose major shareholders are China Power Investment Corp. and East China Power Development Company, serves the Shanghai metropolitan area with more than 2,800 megawatts of generating capacity. Shanghai Electric deployed 3M ACCR to shorten construction time and save costs while increasing capacity on a key 10-mile line serving the growing demand in the city of Shanghai, the largest city in the People’s Republic of China and the eighth largest metropolis in the world, in time for the 2008 Olympics and 2010 World Expo.

  • TATA Power, Mumbai, India – Borivali to Malad and Salsette to Saki, 110 kV double circuit, twin bundled

    TATA Power installed 125 miles (200 kilometers) of 300 T-16 (150 mm²) 3M ACCR on two lines near Mumbai. The lines were upgraded just 2 years before from a single to a bundled ACSR, but it could not keep pace with the rapid demand growth in the area. In addition, residences had sprung up directly under the lines, and TATA did not want to disturb them, but did want to improve clearances over them. With 3M ACCR, TATA Power met these goals, while increasing capacity enough to last for 10 years.

  • Western Area Power Administration (WAPA), Bullhead City, Arizona, USA – Topock-Davis, 230 kV

    WAPA, which delivers about 40 billion kilowatt-hours of hydroelectric power annually in fifteen western and central states in the U.S., installed 3M ACCR on a twenty-mile (32 kM) stretch of the Topock-Davis 230 kV line, which parallels the Colorado River along Arizona’s western border with California. The area of service includes fast-growing communities such as Lake Havasu City and Bullhead City in Arizona; Laughlin, Nevada; and Needles, California.