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ACCR Technical Information

3M™ Aluminum Conductor Composite Reinforced Technical Information

3M ACCR's low weight and thermal expansion result in low sag at high ampacities.

  • 3M™ ACCR's low weight and thermal expansion result in low sag at high ampacities.

    The unique combination of an aluminum matrix core and heat resistant Al-Zr outer strands provides many advantages over other conductors.

    Compared to a conventional steel core, the composite core has:

    • Lower thermal expansion for less sag
    • Equivalent strength and durability
    • Less weight
    • Consistent performance at high temperatures over long periods of time

Product Data & Typical Properties



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3M ACCR’s unique properties make it important to consult with a member of our design team to select the most effective and economical option for your application.

3M ACCR Installation Guide

  • 3M provides on-site training and technical assistance with conductor installation and has a complete line of installation accessories available.

    While the equipment and installation process for 3M ACCR are similar to that for ACSR, there are some slight differences, mostly due to the high temperatures at which 3M ACCR can run. Our engineers and installation experts will ensure your crews understand those differences so the conductor is successfully installed. And if any questions arise during installation, we’ll be available to answer them.


    Interactive 3M ACCR Installation Guide

    3M ACCR Installation Guide PDF (PDF 1.4MB)

    Installation Equipment, Procedures and Hardware Videos

Download PLS-CADD Cable Files

ACCR Accessories

3M works with industry leaders AFL and PLP to provide a, thoroughly tested solution, from finished conductor to a full line of accessories and hardware. Everything you need to complete the job is available, when and where you need it.

3M ACCR Accessories and Installation (PDF, 171 Kb)

  • AFL
    • Single Tongue, Double Tongue and Clevis-Type Dead Ends
    • Joint and Jumper Connector Splices
    • Jumper Terminal
    • Repair Sleeve
    • T-Tap
    • Dies
    • Dampers
    • PG Clamps
    • High Temperature Compounds
    • 100 Ton Press Heads
    • 10,000 PSI Gas Hyd Pump
  • Preformed Line Products
    • THERMOLIGN® Suspensions, Supports, Dead-ends and Splices
    • Yolk Plate
    • DG-Grip
    • Repair Rods
    • Line Guards
    • Thimble Clevis
    • Spacers