• How to Create an Effective Data Security Communication Plan

    Dr. Larry Ponemon
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      When it comes to data security, IT professionals spend time and resources creating an in-depth approach to protect against hacking that includes setting policies for accessing company data securely. However, Larry Ponemon writes on the importance of creating a value around company data and ensuring a solid understanding of possible threats and subsequent measures put in place to protect against them.

      In order to ensure company-wide understanding of data security, Ponemon recommends targeting your audience. In a diverse workforce, it’s important to try different types of communication to see what resonates and helps shift employee priorities. It’s also crucial to provide ongoing education and to follow up beyond the new hire process. You can make security more personal and relatable by talking to workers about how they uphold privacy in their personal lives. Encourage a culture change by facing screens toward the wall, setting a clean desk policy, and providing private locations for confidential conversations. Finally, equip employees with a data security toolkit complete with high-tech and low-tech efforts. Install data security software, take inventory of where devices are being used and where company data is being accessed, and provide privacy filters and laptop locks.

      A more effective communication plan can create a greater value for data security in the workspace, and equipping employees with the knowledge, tools, and policies can help protect against visual hackers and data breaches.