• Pro-Forma Visual Privacy Standard

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    • Having a Visual Privacy Standard helps enforce and support a company’s IT Security policy with actionable controls to uphold Visual Privacy (the act of protecting sensitive, confidential and private information from Visual Hacking) and protect against Visual Hacking (the act of viewing or capturing sensitive, confidential and private information for unauthorized use).

      This standard may fall under any number of security and privacy policy sections depending on how your company structures the IT Security plan, including but not limited to:

      • Identity and Access Management Policy
      • Privacy Policy
      • Compliance Policy

      Use the following recommended sections and pro-forma language to craft a Visual Privacy Standard for your IT Security Policy that will be applicable for your individual industry and corporate needs in order to help better protect your important company and customer data from visual hacking.

      I. Worker Adherence:

      Use this section to clearly outline the functions and levels of workers that should adhere to the standard. Example: All company workers (employee, contingent/contract workers, and temporary staff) who fit the following criteria of being at high risk for visual hacking.

      • Business travelers (flying, commuting on public transit, etc.)
      • Those who frequently access company information that is confidential or regulated. This type of information could include but is not limited to Financial, HR, Customer Data, Trade Secret, etc. Special attention should be paid to situations where office floor plans are open and walk-by visual access is common
      • Those who regularly spend time working outside the office (accessing email and texts or working on company confidential documents)
      • Those in leadership roles within the company

      II. Standard Statement

      Use this section to outline how and where company workers should use Privacy Filter (desktop and laptop computers) and privacy screen protector (smartphone and tablets) products. Example: Use privacy filters and privacy screen protector products to help protect company information from unauthorized side views:

      • On all in-office devices used by at-risk employees that have a high risk for walk-by visual hacking
      • On all devices used to access company information in public areas
      • On all devices used by employees when working outside the office, including home or remote office

      III. Related Information:

      Use this section to refer workers to additional resources on the topic of Visual Privacy. Link to relevant policies, best practices and other resources to give employees a holistic view of company security measures. Example: For additional information regarding visual privacy and visual hacking, please see the following resources:

      • Link to Relevant Policies
      • Link to Visual Privacy Best Practices
      • Privacy Filter and Screen Protector Product Page Link (i.e. www.3MScreens.com)

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