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3M in Public Safety

Securing the future.

Building on more than thirty years of security technology expertise, we’re helping agencies and companies around the world stay a step ahead of constantly-evolving threats – with next-generation solutions that help you respond more proactively.

Reduce non-productive busywork, close more cases – and stay a step ahead of today’s constantly-evolving threats – with a new generation of street-smart security solutions from 3M.

3M Public Safety

Smarter ways to protect and serve.

To provide the best security, you need the best intelligence. Here’s a good place to start. From automatic license plate recognition and offender monitoring to advanced software solutions, 3M has the technology to help your people make faster, better-informed and safer decisions.

Products for Public Safety

  • Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR)

    Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR)

    Get more “eyes on the street” to Identify suspicious vehicles and criminal activity, with Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) from 3M. ALPR uses optical character recognition to automatically read large volumes of license plate characters, quickly and accurately, in both mobile and fixed systems. Helps enhance productivity while improving officer safety.

  • Electronic Monitoring

    Electronic Monitoring

    Keep close tabs on detainees under house arrest, parolees and others – while freeing your people for other tasks – with electronic monitoring systems from 3M. We offer a variety of scalable and customisable solutions to help keep your charges on the straight and narrow.

Applications for Public Safety

  • Home Detention

    Home Detention electronic monitoring helps supervise offenders on home confinement. House arrest monitoring uses location technology to observe the movement of offenders until they successfully complete the program or reach expiration of their sentence.

  • Crime Investigation & Analysis

    In the investigation of crime, nothing will ever replace professional experience or human intuition. But particularly in complex cases, the sheer volume of information that has to be processed can overwhelm investigators – leading to delays and missed opportunities. 3M technologies, such as biometrics and automatic license plate recognition, can take over the burden of sifting through mountains of data – providing faster, more accurate and objective analysis of evidence than is possible with the human eye.

  • Traffic Patrol

    Be on the lookout! Automatic License Plate Recognition Systems from 3M use high-resolution cameras mounted on patrol cars to automatically scan and identify license plates – all while officers are cruising through a district. Plates are automatically compared to wanted vehicle databases, sounding an alarm when a stolen or wanted car is identified.

  • Parole & Probation

    Everyone deserves a second chance. Electronic monitoring for parole & probation gives offenders the opportunity to reunite with family, find employment, seek medical treatment and engage in other approved activities while remaining supervised.

Services for Public Safety

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Experience the full potential of your 3M™ Electronic Monitoring system! We offer a complete range of operational services for customers in Australia and New Zealand

  • Data Hosting Services

    Data Hosting Services

    Keep your electronic monitoring data safe and instantly accessible – with remote and onsite hosting services from 3M. Both options offer high levels of redundancy and security, and both allow agencies to either independently monitor their caseload or use services provided by 3M.

  • Full Service Monitoring

    Full Service Monitoring

    Turbocharge your productivity by combining the 3M Electronic Monitoring system with our full service monitoring services. These offerings include 24/ 7 violation processing, outbound calling, offender scheduling, offender enrollments, equipment troubleshooting, officer notification, and unit end of service.

  • Case Management Service

    Case Management Service

    Overwhelmed by your offender case load? In addition to electronic monitoring, 3M can also provide you with professional case management services, to help reduce overtime and keep headcount under control. These services are fully customizable, and can be offered as a web-based tool; via a link to your agency from a communications control center; or as dedicated software, integrated into your case management system.

  • Installation, Fee Collection, & Inventory Management Services

    Installation, Fee Collection, & Inventory Management Services

    Improve efficiency, reduce staffing needs and save money by contracting field services such as installation, fee collection and inventory management.

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Public Safety Resources & Customer Support

Need help? Find answers, information and resources to help you with all your business needs.

  • Public Safety Support

    Contact us to learn more about our services, products, or to get answers to all of your questions.

About 3M in Public Safety

  • We’ve got your back.

    A free society depends on those, like you, who provide for our security and maintain the rule of law. Because when people live in fear – whether from crime, terrorism or other threats – that freedom is seriously compromised.

    More than thirty years ago, 3M embarked on a mission to help support agencies and companies who are working to improve the security and well-being of people around the world. That mission continues to this day – with a constantly-expanding portfolio of products and services designed to protect lives, property and your budget.

    We value the trust you have placed in us, and are committed to continue building that trust, by bringing you better and more efficient tools to meet your evolving needs.

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