Applications for Public Safety

  • Home Detention

    Home Detention electronic monitoring helps supervise offenders on home confinement. House arrest monitoring uses location technology to observe the movement of offenders until they successfully complete the program or reach expiration of their sentence.

  • Crime Investigation & Analysis

    Once just the stuff of science fiction and television, advanced technologies for crime investigation & analysis are now part of real-life. Biometrics, including enhanced fingerprinting, palm scans, facial recognition and iris scans, provide accurate and detailed identification and better leads. Automated License Plate Recognition helps provide invaluable information to combat criminal activity, enhance productivity and improve officer safety.

  • Traffic Patrol

    Police-car-mounted cameras automatically recognise license plates while simply cruising through the district. The plates are automatically compared to wanted vehicle databases, sending an alert so the vehicle can be apprehended.

  • Parole & Probation

    Electronic monitoring for parole & probation offers offenders opportunity to reunite with family, find employment, seek medical treatment, attend educational programs, and/or other approved activities while remaining supervised.

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