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Public Safety

Home Detention Applications

House Arrest Applications

Keep tabs.

House Detention electronic monitoring uses radio frequency (RF) or GPS location technology to monitor the movement of offenders under home confinement. Electronic monitoring helps control costs by automating many routine supervision and recording tasks.

Products for Home Detention

  • Integrated Monitoring Platform

    Our Integrated Platform enables operators to integrate monitoring tools and software modules onto a single platform. The platform solution makes the most of technology benefits, allows tailoring to program needs, and enhances overall value by reducing initial investment, lowering installation and support costs, improving system management and maintenance capabilities, and reducing training, and minimising inventory requirements.

  • Home Curfew RF Monitoring System

    Our Home Curfew RF (Radio Frequency) Monitoring system monitors if the user is within a pre-set distance range during scheduled times. The system is highly configurable, flexible, tamper-resistant, and easy to use.

  • Voice Verification System

    The 3M™ Voice Verification System is an innovative, cost-effective means of offender monitoring, providing simple, on-demand monitoring without the need for any hardware installation. This software-based system uses an individual’s voice signature to ascertain their identity and compliance with monitoring schedules.

  • GPS Tracking

    GPS Monitoring allows tracking of an offender anytime or anywhere. Units feature multiple location detection technologies to ensure tracking even in environments where traditional GPS units lose signal. 3M offers wearable one-piece and two-piece tracking devices, all controlled by a single user interface.

  • Offender Management System

    3M™ EM Offender Management System is a web-based system which maximizes the capabilities of 3M Electronic Monitoring hardware. Developed to track and monitor a large number of offenders, the system offers an impressive array of analytic and administrative tools which can be accessed from any device with internet access.

Services for House Arrest

  • Data Hosting Services

    3M offers both remote and onsite hosting of electronic monitoring data. Both hosting options offer high levels of redundancy and security, and both allow agencies to either independently monitor their caseload or use services provided by 3M.

  • Full Service Monitoring

    Full service monitoring is an option for agencies utilizing 3M Electronic Monitoring technologies. Services include 24/ 7 violation processing, outbound calling, offender scheduling, offender enrollments, equipment troubleshooting, officer notification, and unit end of service.

  • Private Bail Offender Pays System

    By requiring offenders to pay their own monitoring fees, offender pay programs help relieve the financial burden of electronic monitoring programs.

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