1. Science of Safety Podcast: Episode 19.
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    Science of Safety Podcast: Episode 19.

    December 13, 2018

    Science of Safety Podcast.

    Episode 19:
    The State of Science Index Study.

    Science of Safety Podcast.

    Episode 19:
    The State of Science Index Study.

    Science of Safety Podcast.

    Episode 19:
    The State of Science Index Study.


    In this episode 3M’s Chief Science Advocate Jayshree Seth returns to discuss the 3M State of Science Index Study; why it was initiated, its findings and why a national conversation about science and its important role in the world is needed.

    The State of Science Index Study is an original third-party research project commissioned by 3M that explores global attitudes towards science. Spanning 14 countries, the study examines perceptions of science and its positive or negative impact on society. All over the world people are intrigued by the idea of science, recognising how it impacts the world on a global scale. Even though 90% of those surveyed stated that the word “science” makes them feel hopeful versus discouraged, 38 percent said their lives would not be much different if science didn’t exist, and about a third fell into the science skeptic camp.




    Guest Bio:

    Jayshree Seth (pictured left) is a Corporate Scientist at 3M and leads Applied Technology Development projects for Industrial Adhesives and Tapes Division, the largest industrial business at 3M. She has a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Clarkson University in NY and a Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering from India, and, holds 61 US patents for a variety of innovations.

    Jayshree is currently working on identifying new growth opportunities, and, is engaged in new technology development and commercialisation for sustainable Industrial Products within various markets. Jayshree was recently also appointed as 3M’s first ever Chief Science Advocate and is using her scientific knowledge, technical expertise and professional experience to advance science and communicate the importance and benefits of science in everyday life. A focus area will be making science more accessible and fostering a new generation of scientists and science advocates.

    When asked about the key to her career success, Jayshree says, “I was blessed with many strengths and many of my strengths can be my weaknesses. I don’t hide my strengths and I don’t hide from my weaknesses!”

    Jayshree is very passionate about teaching, coaching, mentoring and is a sought after speaker, globally, on a multitude of topics such as innovation, leadership, career development intellectual property. Jayshree has two children and her husband is also a 3Mer. Jayshree confesses that she has added a new hobby after catching the social media bug - she enjoys sharing her viewpoint through LinkedIn Posts.

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    In this episode, Mark & Jayshree discuss the following:

    • The State of Science Index, why would 3M invest in a study like this?
    • What did the study involve?
    • What did the study discover?
    • What was most surprising to you from the results?
    • How will this information used going forward?

    Science is more than just text books and lab coats. Science is all around us, impacting our lives on a daily basis, whether we are aware of it or not. Tune in as we dig a little deeper into the insights from the study, what they mean and why it matters.


    Additional Resources:

    Contact a 3M Safety Specialist at scienceofsafetyanz@mmm.com for more information.