Clear Braces for Adults & Teens

girl lying in grass smiling with braces and green rubber bands
Change your smile. Not your lifestyle.

3M™ Clarity™ ADVANCED Clear Braces keep a low profile for greater comfort, convenience and confidence. Now that’s a game changer!

Giving patients of all ages more reasons to smile

  • Braces aren't just for teenagers. Now you can straighten your smile without changing your lifestyle. Go ahead and have your morning cup of coffee or evening glass of wine – your Clarity ADVANCED Clear Braces won't stain! Best of all, the translucent brackets are virtually unnoticeable, so you can smile with confidence throughout your treatment.

  • These aren't your parents' braces. Clarity ADVANCED Clear Braces blend in with the natural colour of your teeth, so they're barely noticeable when you smile. Feeling bold? Choose brightly coloured bands to fit your mood or special occasions. Now your smile can fit your style!

  • man smiling with clear braces while playing guitar

    Clarity ADVANCED Clear Braces have one of the lowest profiles in the industry for a more comfortable fit. The brackets are small and smooth, with rounded corners to reduce rubbing and irritation.

  • woman with clear braces enjoying meal and glass of red wine

    Unlike invisible aligners, which must be removed for every bite and every sip (other than water), Clarity ADVANCED Clear Braces are always in – and always working. Eat and drink whatever you want, with no extra maintenance beyond normal brushing and flossing.

  • teen with clear braces taking selfie on basketball court

    Choose the style for your smile: let the translucent brackets blend in with your teeth, or get a pop of colour with bright bands when you want to stand out. Plus, Clarity ADVANCED Clear Braces resist staining and discolouration throughout your treatment – so you can smile with confidence.

dad smiling with clear braces while playing with young son

Are you ready to change your smile?

You’re in good company: more than 1 million patients have chosen Clarity ADVANCED Clear Braces!