About 3M OEM Refrigerator Water Filtration Products

  • When it comes to innovative OEM relationships, 3M is a global leader, creating successful, quality business opportunities for our OEM customers refrigerator water filtration needs. Our products are NSF certified to custom engineer water filtration solutions that fit your specific requirements, whether you need a filter small enough to fit a tight space or want to address certain contaminants. Choose from our selection of available filters or contact us about developing a custom solution for you.

OEM Refrigerator Water Filters

  • OEM Refrigerator Water Filter

    We filter out a wide range of contaminants using 3M's advanced carbon filtration technology. 3M is developing new varieties of carbon filtration with the goals of providing cleaner, great tasting water and reducing health effect contaminants - from lead to pharmaceuticals.

Need Help Finding the Right OEM Refrigerator Filtration Product?

3M products are constantly evolving to better meet customer needs. If you need help finding the right product for your project or have other questions about 3M solutions, connect with us.