• 3M products offer you a full line of water filtration and treatment products that may be professionally installed. Products range from drinking water systems to whole house treatment and filtration.

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  • Water can contain sediment, minerals and chemicals that can create an unpleasant taste and odor. Some of these contaminants can negatively affect your health, especially when they include lead and cysts that can contribute to serious illness. Filtering your water can help improve its quality, by reducing these contaminants.

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Residential Water Filtration Applications

Residential Water Filtration Applications

Address household water concerns and improve water quality throughout the entire home with our full line of drinking water filters, reverse osmosis systems, whole house water filters and water softeners. With over 75 years of residential water filtration experience, we can help you find the right water quality solution.

  • Drinking Water Filtration
    Drinking Water Filtration

    3M™ Professional series product range is designed with a thorough understanding of the need to fit end users' day-to-day water consumption habits and lifestyle. Our drinking water filters help to address common water quality concerns by reducing chlorine taste and odor, chloramines, sediment and lead for cleaner, more refreshing water.

    Under Sink Water Products
    In-line Water Filtration Products

  • Whole House Water Filtration
    Whole House Water Filtration

    We offer a range of standard, large diameter plastic and stainless steel housings for whole house water filtration. Use our drop-in water filter cartridges to complete your whole house water filter system and enjoy filtered water throughout the home while helping extend the life of your water using appliances.

    Whole House Water Filtration Products

  • Water Treatment
    Water Treatment

    3M™ Residential Water softeners reduce calcium and magnesium minerals in the water to help prevent scale build-up. Our other water treatment systems address the common problem of iron reduction by treating your water at the point of entry to the home.

    Water Softening Products
    Scale Inhibition Products
    Water Treatment Products

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