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Stay up and running. By stopping hazards in their tracks.

A busy workplace can be an accident waiting to happen. That’s why 3M science is continually finding new ways to enhance facility safety – with technologies engineered to protect your workplace against fire, hazardous fumes, slips and falls, chemical spills and more. Like you, we’re dedicated to keeping your people safe. While keeping your facility up and running.

3M in Facility Safety

Minimising workplace risk is no accident.

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    Slips, trips and fall injuries are costing the economy millions of dollars per year. Help minimise risks and protect employees and guests by managing hazards, containing and cleaning up spills, and making walking surfaces safer.

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    3M maintains a technical library to provide you easy access to product information and updates, best practices and safety data.

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  • Floor Safety

    Are you retrofitting an existing facility – or is your building still on the drawing board? Learn how easy it is to minimise risks to your employees and visitors from slips, falls and spills – with 3M's broad portfolio of floor safety technologies.

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