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3M™ Wrap Film Series 2080 is a durable, high-quality product that lets you express your creativity and bring your vision to life. Backed by 3M technical support, training and certification programs that help you and your staff keep up with the latest techniques. New! On all gloss films is a protective film layer that can stay on during installation to help reduce surface impressions and scratches. Remove the protective film layer after your installation is complete. See our bold assortment of colors, textures and patterns for Series 2080.





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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 3M™ Wrap Film Series 2080 is a newly engineered, product with revolutionary new features better conformability and easier installation. Also new on all gloss films is a Protective Film Layer which helps to reduce surface impressions. This layer can stay on during the entire installation.
  • Greatly reduces the surface impressions* in a finished goods roll. It remains on during installation, then is removed easily and cleanly after installation.
    You can leave the Protective Film Layer on during the entire installation of film. You can even leave it on when applying film to deep recesses or difficult areas. Just remember to remove the Protective Film Layer before post-heating. 3M™ Knifeless Tape can also cut through the Protective Film Layer.
    *Surface impressions are commonly known as; hazing, blotchy and mottled appearance on gloss film.

  • The softer and more conformable film will fit better around curves and in channels for a sleek appearance.
  • As colors are introduced for Series 2080, they will be phased out for Series 1080. Please work with your distributor to determine if a 1080 color will be available in 2080.

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