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Level up your skills with 3M Installer Training

Embark on a learning journey that transforms and elevates your skills. Enroll in our comprehensive installer training programs.

Level up your skills with 3M Installer Training

The times have changed, and 3M installer training has too. We've updated our installer training programs to let you select your career path - whether you want to focus on a specific installation type, or learn multiple skills, we have a training program for you.

Why take 3M training courses?

3M installation training courses cover a wide range of topics related to graphics and signage installation, from basic application techniques to advanced methods. By completing our comprehensive training programs, you can improve your knowledge and skills ensuring you are up-to-date with the best practices in the field.

Meet the trainers

  • 3M trainer Chris Cook
    Michael Holderness

    Michael is the lead trainer for all the Commercial Solutions products in New Zealand.He has 30 years of experience with 3M “sticking things to things” and has been training generations of sign makers and vehicle wrappers. The current 3M global training programs came from the pioneering work that Michael did in New Zealand in the early 2000’s. Michael sees satisfaction in training the new generation of sign makers. They don’t make the same mistakes their bosses made; their boss teaches them correctly because Michael taught the boss the correct method in earlier years.

  • 3M trainer Graeme Doolan
    Dave Wright

    Dave has been in the wrap industry since 2009 (14 years) He is a member of Masters of Branding and Paint is Dead. Every day he constantly challenges himself to achieve a flawless job in every project / job his does. He loves being part of the 3M training courses as it gives him the opportunity to teach and help wrap installers improve their skills by giving them techniques and tools to ensure the highest level of quality and consistency in there work. Overall, the 3M trainings are helping to improve the quality and knowledge of wrap installers all over New Zealand.

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  • sign making course
    Introduction to Sign Making Course

    This sign making course is designed for individuals who are new to the sign making industry and are interested in learning the basics of sign design and production.


    No experience required

    Course details:

    •  It is a hands-on course teaching the basic   application techniques in sign making.
    •  It covers the basic steps in dry applications, wet applications, weeding and applying text as well as the best technique for each application.

    Pursue a career in the industry or develop your skills in sign making by enrolling in this course.


  • digital print production training
    Digital Print Production Training

    The Digital Print Production training will equip you on how to maximize the performance of your printer to achieve high quality printing.


    Digital production operators, print shop managers, graphic designers or anyone operating a wide format digital inkjet printer.

    Course details:

    • This training will discuss how to optimize digital inkjet printer (solvent, eco-solvent, UV curable or latex).
    • It covers a range of topics, including production procedures to obtain high quality, consistent print output including getting the best out of your printer and media, overcoming common problems, printer environment and correct media storage and handling, printer & RIP operation, colour management and troubleshooting.

    Maximise your printer's performance with Digital Print Production training and achieve high-quality prints.

  • car wrap installer training
    Car Wrap Film Installer Training

    The Car Wrap Film Installer training course is designed for installers who want to specialize in vehicle wraps using 3M Wrap Films.


    Both experienced car installer or new to vehicle wrapping

    Course details:

    •  Thorough understanding of all stages of the car wrap installation process, from surface preparation to finishing.

    Enroll now to become a trusted expert in 3M car wrap installation with our wrap film training program.

  • advanced car wrap film installer training
    Advanced Car Wrap Film Installer Training

    This advanced level training course is designed for applicators with significant experience in car wrapping.


    Experienced car installer

    Course details:

    •   The course is conducted in conjunction  with Dave Wright from The Wrap Shop, one of New Zealand’s most experienced vehicle wrappers.
    •   Dave will teach techniques to improve wrap quality, and you'll practice them.
    •   Opportunities are provided so attendees can help each other as each experienced attendee will have different experiences helpful to others.
    •   This course is not for attendees who have only just attended the other 3M wrapping course.

    Don't miss out on this valuable opportunity to become an advanced car wrap installer - enroll in our training course today!

  • 3m window film installer training
    Flat Glass Solar and Safety and Security Film Sales and Specifier Training

    This training program is designed to provide participants the right knowledge on the types of window film to provide better recommendations for your customers.


    Sales, customer service, estimators or small signage shop owner and operators

    Course details:

    •   This course provides detailed knowledge of each type of window film, where it could be used and why.
    •   It covers how the films work and the technical considerations.
    •   By completing the course, participants will be better equipped to provide customized solutions for their clients and improve their sales performance.

    Be equipped with the right knowledge about 3M Window Film. Register your interest today!

  • become a certified 3M window installer
    Flat Glass Solar and Safety and Security Film Installer Training

    This training program is designed for individuals who want to become experts in installing flat glass window film for solar control, safety and security, decorative, and privacy purposes.


    Window film installer

    Course details:

    •   This training course is a hands-on course designed for the installers. This course provides instruction in correct tools to use and techniques to correctly install 3M window films for both tint and safety and security film.

    Participate in our training program and become a certified 3M window installer.

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