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Industrial Maintenance and Repair Solutions for: Electrical


Electrical Maintenance and Repair

It’s essential to keep your electrical systems and equipment running safely and reliably throughout your facility. As an electrical maintenance and repair professional, you know how inefficiencies and faulty equipment can lead to unnecessary downtime. Collaborate with 3M to help keep your electrical systems and equipment running. We have the supplies to help you connect, terminate, insulate and seal your electrical connections.

3M has low and medium-voltage solutions to help you get the job done quickly — and done right — the first time. With the power of high-quality, reliable 3M Electrical and Maintenance Repair Solutions, you’re ready to tackle any job.

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Low Voltage Cable Connection, Insulation and Identification
  • Super 33+ vinyl electrical tape over mastic sealing application

    Insulate and protect electrical cables

    Scotch® Super 33 ™ Vinyl Electrical Tape

    Premium grade tape that provides electrical insulation for all wires and cables rated up to 600V.

    • 7 mils thickness
    • Resists UV rays, abrasion, moisture, solvents, etc.
    • Flame retardant
    • Temperature range: -18 to 105 ºC
  • colour coding application with Scotch 35

    Phase and cable identification

    3M™ Motor Lead Inline Splice Kits

    Premium grade, 7 mil thick, colour coded electrical tape for electrical insulation up to 600V.

    • Used in phase identification and colour coding
    • Resists UV rays, abrasion, moisture, alkalis, solvents and acids
    • Flame retardant
    • Temperature range: -10 to 105 °C
  • Wire marking tape dispenser in use

    Quick wire identification

    3M™ ScotchCode™ Wire Marker Tape Dispenser STD

    A compact, carry-along dispenser with 10 refillable compartments which hold eight-foot rolls of non-smear polyester tape for all electrical identification jobs.

    • Dispenses either pre-printed numbers 0-9 (STD-0-9, STD-0-9X) or NEMA colours (STD-C, STD-CX), to be used for general identification jobs
    • The tapes resist solvents, oils and water and adheres firmly to insulation surfaces
    • Dispenses only the desired length
  • Scotch® Heavy Duty Vinyl Electrical Tape 22

    High abrasion resistance and superior performance

    Scotch® Heavy Duty Vinyl Electrical Tape 22

    Scotch® Tape 22 is designed for insulation applications that require greater mechanical strength and abrasion resistance.

    • The tape is designed to perform continuously in ambient temperatures up to 80⁰C.
  • Scotch® Rubber Splicing Tape 23

    Electrical Maintenance, Insulation, Sealing

    Scotch® Rubber Splicing Tape 23

    Scotch® Tape 23 is a 30 mil, premium grade, highly conformable, rubber splicing tape. The self fusing tape has a special polyester liner, which will not stick to the tape upon unwind. It withstands temperatures up to 90 °C.

    • Self-fusing, ethylene propylene rubber backing and highly conformable, rubber-resin adhesive
    • Temperature rated for continuous adhesion to 90 °C
    • Special polyester liner keeps tape protected and clean during application
    • ASTM Approved & RoHS 2002/65/EC Compliant cables to transformers, switchgear units and motors, and sectionalizing cabinets and RMUs.
  • Connect low voltage wiring

    Performance Plus connectors/DB direct bury/314/MGC connectors

    One connector that does the job of two traditional low voltage connectors.

    • Strong bite for a secure, reliable connection
    • Flexible spring expands for greater wire range and reuse
  • Abandon low voltage polymeric cables

    3M™ Cold Shrink Cable Abandonment Kits CSCAK

    3M™ CSCAK Cold Shrink Cable Abandonment Kits are a complete solution to abandon low voltage polymeric cables either temporarily or permanently.

    • Environmental sealing and mechanical protection is provided using 3M Cold Shrink technology, eliminating the need for heat and special tools, making a quick, simple and reliable installation.
    • Kit Contents Include: - Cold Shrink End Cap - Cold Shrink Insulator Tube - Self Amalgamating Insulating Tape - Armour/earth connection components – Full installation instructions
    • Applications include single and multi core low voltage polymeric cables up to and including 1.9/3.3 kV (with or without lead sheath and/or armour)
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Cable Rejacketing and Protection
  • scotch vinyl mastic tape 2200 irrigation application

    Protect cables from corrosion

    Scotch® Vinyl Mastic Tapes 2200 and 2210

    Premium grade, 10 mil thick, all-weather resistant, PVC backing tape.

    • Pressure-sensitive, rubber adhesive ensures excellent tacking and provides optimized adherence
    • Protects metal piping systems against corrosion
    • Withstands a wide temperature range of -48° to 80 °C
  • Scotch® Cable Jacket Repair Tape 2234

    Rejacket low and medium voltage cables

    Scotch® Rubber Mastic Tape 2228

    65 mil thick, premium grade, highly conformable self-fusing rubber (EPR) electrical insulation tape.

    • Used for insulating, padding and resisting moisture and vibration padding for motor leads in high voltage applications up to 1000V
    • Applicable over a temperature range of 0 to 38 °C
  • 3M™ Scotch-Seal™ Mastic Tape Compound 2229

    Easy insulating, padding, shaping and sealing of electrical connections

    3M™ Scotch-Seal™ Mastic Tape Compound 2229

    After being punctured or cut. The extra padding offered provides protection against vibrations that may wear through other materials over time.

    • Aggressive mastic provides excellent bond to metals, rubbers, synthetic cable insulations and jackets
    • Stable over wide temperature range while maintaining its moisture sealing capabilities for enhanced reliability
    • Retains its flexibility at low temperatures resulting in ease of application and continuous performance at reduced temperatures
    • Material exhibits self-healing characteristics after being punctured or cut
  • Scotch® Cable Jacket Repair Tape 2234

    Cable jacket damage

    Scotch® Cable Jacket Repair Tape 2234

    Scotch® Tape 2234 is a 60 mil thick, professional grade mastic tape designed for jacket repair on cables such as portable power cables, draglines and diesel locomotive, welding and shipboard cables. It withstands a wide temperature range of -30 to 105 °C.

    • Industrial-quality tape for repair of cable jackets
    • Withstands a wide temperature range of -30 to 105 °C
    • RoHS 2011/65/EU Compliant
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Medium Voltage (MV) Cable Splicing and Terminations
  • Worker in cold shrink splice application

    Splice medium voltage cables

    3M™ MV Splices

    Medium voltage cable accessories used for connecting in both indoor and outdoor applications.

    • High-quality silicone rubber insulates the splice while allowing the heat to dissipate
    • Geometric stress control design regulates the distribution of the electrical field
  • Terminate medium voltage cable section

    3M™ MV Terminations

    Medium voltage cable accessories used for terminating in both indoor and outdoor applications.

    • Presents silicone rubber insulation that is track resistant and hydrophobic
    • High dielectric-constant material that regulates the distribution of electric field stress
  • The 3M™ Separable Connector cable termination kits are designed for dead break systems. Designed to terminate a power cable, the Separable Connector Separable  connectors have a wide range of usage – to connect cables to transformers, switchgear units and motors, and sectionalizing cabinets and RMUs.

  • Protection against wildlife damage

    Animal Guards

    The 3M Electrostatic Animal Guard is a patented electrostatic barrier which attaches to energised electrical insulators and bushings rated up to 35kV. It can be installed without disrupting the power supply.

    • The 3M Electrostatic Animal Guard is a patented electrostatic barrier which attaches to energised electrical insulators and bushings rated up to 35kV.
    • It can be installed without disrupting the power supply.
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Electrical Installation Firestop Solutions
  • Cable jacket damage

    Scotch® Cable Jacket Repair Tape 2234

    Resist heat and fire to protect structural steel and provide electrical circuit protection around cables, cable trays and conduit

    • Tested in accordance with ASTME 814 (UL Listed) and AS1530.4 for insulation of metal pipes
    • Hydrocarbons pool fire approved systems
    • Endothermic - releases chemically bound water to cool the outer surface when exposed to high temperatures
    • Made of a combination of ceramic fibres and inorganic endothermic material
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Other Essential Solutions
  • Prep for electrical connections

    3M™ Wire Pulling Lubricant Gel WL

    3M™ WL-QT Wire Pulling Lubricant is a clear, colourless, slow drying, easy to apply gel which is an excellent lubricant foe veryday pulling of both electrical and communication cable.

    • The clear formula makes this an ideal choice where cleanliness is a concern.
    • It has a low residue (less than 5% solid).
    • Applications include for pulling a wide variety of cable types, such as power, control, instrumentation and communication cables, including coaxial and fibre optic cables.
    • Temperature use range is -6°C to 43°C
  • Comfort grip gloves in use

    Protect your hands

    3M™ Comfort Grip Gloves

    General use gloves with excellent dexterity and grip, even in wet or oily conditions.

    • Good for general material handling and electrical component assembly
    • Long-lasting, durable and washable
  • Prep for cables

    3M™ Cable Cleaning/Degreasing Wipes

    3M™ Cable Cleaning Pads are designed specifically to remove contaminants such as grease, oil, sealants and cable gel from switchgear and cables. The product will also remove heavy or old deposits without hazard to the substrate or insulation materials.

    • Pre-soaked solvent wipe that is safe to use on all electrical equipment and cables
    • Effective on both general grease/oil and protective coatings
    • Textured, high absorbancy wipes that are convenient to use
  • A man in a construction site wearing 3M™ TA570 Safety Helmet

    Head Protection

    3M™ TA580 Safety Helmet ABS Vented

    Type 1 safety helmet ideal for general industrial, construction and mining applications Australian Made

    • Unique crown cooling vents for outdoor/indoor use
    • 6 point terylene harness with adjustable headbands
  • A woman in a construction site wearing 3M™ SecureFit™ 500 Series Safety Glasses

    Eye Protection

    3M™ SercureFit™ 500 Series Safety Glasses

    Contemporary safety glasses featuring a sporty, streamlined lens shape.

    • Optional Scotchgard™ Anti-Fog coating resists fogging longer than traditional anti-fog coatings (Based on 3M internal testing per EN168 test method when compared with traditional anti-fog coatings.)
    • The adjustable ratchet temples are designed to improve positioning of eyewear
    • Flat & flexible design combines well with 3M™ Protective Earmuffs
  • Hearing Protection

    Enable easy insertion into the ear and efficient noise attenuation.

    • Corded and uncorded, washable and perfect for multiple uses, suggested use for up to 10 washes
    • No roll down required
    • NRR available for both one-hand and two-hand insertion
Scotch super 33 electrical tape in use
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