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3M Manual Tape Dispensers

There's a reliable Scotch® Manual Dispenser or Tartan™ Manual Tape Dispenser for every situation.

  • The Perfect Piece of Tape Every Time

    You’ve chosen the right tape for your application – choosing the right tape dispenser can be just as important. Scotch® Manual Dispensers and Tartan™ Manual Tape Dispensers are designed to easily dispense box sealing, filament, film, label protection and pouch tapes. Choose from a range of options including hand-held tape dispensers, heavy-duty pull-and-tear tabletop dispensers, and definite-length and semi-automatic dispensers – we even have dispensers that deliver tape adhesive-side-up.

Scotch® and Tartan™ Manual Tape Dispensers

Taping may seem simple, but small differences can contribute to productivity in different situations. All Scotch® and Tartan™ Manual Tape Dispensers for box sealing tapes, filament tapes, film tapes, label protection tapes and pouch tapes are application-designed to meet customer needs. Select from a variety of hand-held and heavy-duty pull-and-tear tabletop dispensers.

Hand-Held Box Sealing Dispensers

Featured Hand-Held Box Sealing Tape Dispensers

  • A lightweight and versatile pistol-grip tape dispenser with a retractable blade.

  • Durable plastic design with built-in brake for precise seals/ 48mm

  • Portable and easy-to-operate pistol-grip tape dispenser/48mm

Hand-Held Box Sealing Tape Dispensers

Hand-Held Filament Tape Dispensers

Featured Hand-Held Filament Tape Dispensers

  • Quick and easy one-hand method to apply, cut and buff tape closures/ 18mm

  • Comfortable one-handed operation with thumb-control brake to add tension.

Hand-Held Filament Tape Dispensers

Tabletop Dispensers

Featured Tabletop Dispensers

  • Mainline tabletop manual pull and cut dispenser with multiple roll capacity

  • Weighted dispenser for easy pull-and-cut tape dispensing/ 2 in

Tabletop Dispensers

Specialty Tape Dispensers

Featured Specialty Tape Dispensers

  • All-metal dispenser mounts on table or wall to dispense up to 5-inch pouch tapes.

Specialty Tape Dispensers

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