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3M Primary Packaging Products and Accessories

Consumers don’t just care about the product inside – packaging and handling make a difference.


Give Packaging a Branded Boost

Packaging can help drive buying preferences.

At 3M, we strive to provide customizable packaging options that can help your products stand out on shelf and provide convenience for your customers.

3M Solutions for Primary Packaging

  • An easy and reliable reclosable solution for plastic pouches can help drive customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

  • An easy-to-apply carry handle can help your product stand out at shelf and enable customers to carry bulky or heavy items more easily while helping to reduce packaging waste.

  • Bundle your product into multipacks with a clear or printed clean removal tape that improves your efficiencies and enables your packaging and brand to shine.

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    Package Repair Solutions

    From broken tabs to torn packaging, we have solutions to help make damaged packages presentable for the shelf.

Package Repair Solutions

As customers handle packaging accidents happen. We offer 3M solutions for repairing packaging including pads of tape rather than rolls, hanging tab options to replace broken tabs and tapes specifically for box repair.

3M™ Tape Sheets

3M™ Hang Tabs

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Easy for Customers, Easy for You

See how well 3M™ Grip Lock Strip can work for your customers and your production line.


Packaging Articles

  • The Pouch Reclosure Conundrum
    Image of a hand resealing a plastic pouch

    Reclosures are a problem for many. From consumer research done at 3M, we’ve heard consumers saying, “I try to re-close my package, but it never works! So, I transfer it to a different bag.” We also have heard manufacturers say: “Closure is the weakest part of packaging. 90 percent of complaints about packaging come from the zipper.”

    When 3M hears complaints from all parts of the value chain, our ears perk up. Can we solve these issues? We dug into the research to find out more.

    Packaging is the one piece of branding that has the honor and the privilege of living alongside the consumer in their home. The consumer’s experience with that package is important:

    • 60 percent of consumers purchased a product because of packaging functionality¹
    • 57 percent of consumers who are completely satisfied with packaging are more likely to purchase and use a product frequently²

    Reclosure plays an outsized role in consumer acceptance of packaging due to two important trends: snackification and freshness. Through our research we found that:

    • 48 percent of US consumers between 18-34 prefer eating meals on the go³
    • 44 percent of US consumers said convenience is more important than cuisine⁴
    • 68 percent of consumers identified freshness as a key packaging feature⁵

    Consumers frequently eat on-the-go and demand freshness in their products. The only way to satisfy this need is through reclosure. However, reclosure performance is still not where it needs to be. Only 48 percent of consumers are satisfied with current reclose/reseal options.⁶

    With this understanding of the needs and limitations of the market, 3M built a reclosure that meets the needs of both consumers (easy to close, has a closure cue and works over time) and manufacturers (easy and fast to apply, consumer friendly).

    As the world leader in micro hook production for the diaper industry, 3M leveraged one of its core competencies to develop the hook-to-hook 3M™ Grip Lock Strip. This new technology is designed with both consumers and manufacturers in mind. It is up to 60 percent thinner than the competition, enabling faster run rates and machine modifications for manufacturers. The closure also offers easy open-and-close performance and tactile feel for consumers.

    Request a Sample and let us know what you think.

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