About 3M™ Paper Manufacturing and Printing Products

  • Throughout the paper and printing industries, 3M helps make operations productive, safe, and sustainable—whether you’re managing a huge paper mill or a modest print shop. As you explore our Paper and Printing site, you’ll discover dozens of 3M products, along with expert support, that can help make your production run smoother and more efficiently.

  • 3M Products for Paper Manufacturing

    Paper Manufacturing

    From cleaner water to firmly closed rolls, 3M helps you make better paper with more production uptime and efficiency. Products for paper manufacturing include:

    • Tapes for web handling: Core starting, roll closing, and splicing

    Paper manufacturing products
    Paper manufacturing applications

  • 3M Products for Print Production Operations


    Depend on 3M printing products to keep your presses running. We focus on helping your team quickly perform critical tasks with ease. Our printing products include:

    • Flexographic printing: Correct plate mounting for optimum print quality at any speed; more efficient press operation; easier plate mounting and removal
    • Web handling: Splittable flying splices, zero-speed splices; core starting and roll closing

    Printing products
    Printing applications

3M Science applied to keeping your business on a roll

For decades, 3M has worked alongside paper producers and printers, helping you improve and refine your operations. We’ve created hundreds of paper and printing products by combining production floor experience and insight with the inventive spirit and know-how of 3M researchers.

For example, our tapes and adhesive expertise makes tasks such as splicing webs or mounting flexographic print plates easier to perform—with precise results.

Efficient, continuous processes are essential for successful paper manufacturing and printing. Depend on 3M for the products, fresh ideas, and collaboration that keep you on a roll.

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