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Power Transmission
More Confidence with 3M ACCR - We support you all the way

More Confidence with 3M™ Aluminum Conductor Composite Reinforced – We support you all the way

Enjoy the peace of mind of a technology backed by the technical and financial resources of 3M.

  • Design Support

    Be confident in your conductor choice. Our experienced engineers can work with you to match the best 3M ACCR options to your needs, working with your capacity, mechanical, clearance, environmental and budget constraints.

    Contact Us to get help with your project or visit our Technical Information page to downoad PLS CADD data files.

  • Supply Chain Support

    Be confident that the right materials get to the right place at the right time. We will work with you to refine planning and logistics and incorporate any additional project requirements. We develop a project profile and bill of materials and manage accessory and equipment orders.

  • Installation Support

    Be confident in your project results. Although the equipment and installation process for 3M ACCR are similar to those for ACSR, our engineers and installation experts will ensure your crews understand them so the conductor is successfully installed. And if any questions arise during installation, we'll be available to answer them.

Field Installations

3M ACCR is installed and operational on numerous critical utility sites around the world. These include primary paths serving downtown businesses and municipal facilities (airports, sports arenas, etc.), densely populated and under-built areas, sensitive environments and exceptionally long spans. It has also been installed in areas with harsh environments ranging from ice storms and extreme cold to typhoon-prone areas to high loads in desert heat. In all cases, the conductor continues to deliver exceptional performance. View Customer Installations for more information about these installations.

  • An experienced, reliable, global technology partner

    3M has been in business for over 100 years, developing a reputation for trusted, practical, quality solutions. 3M maintains laboratories in 36 countries, as well as 139 manufacturing plants and 188 sales offices. This global commitment gives you locally-based sales, technical and manufacturing resources that can provide faster response to your toughest application challenges.