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Wherever you work, protect your data and stay productive through the power of 3M material science.

  • Introducing the 3M™ COMPLY™ Attachment System for 3M™ Privacy Filters

    With employees opting to work outside the office, sensitive information displayed on laptop screens is more prone to wandering eyes. 3M™ COMPLY™ Privacy Filter Attach Solutions bring world-class privacy to both PC desktop and laptop screens, so your information can stay protected no matter where work happens.

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  • New to privacy screen protector?​

    While traditional data security relies on antivirus software, encryption and authentication, physical screen privacy is a vital part of your comprehensive data protection program. 3M privacy screen protectors are a low-cost, easy-to-implement solution to improve data protection of sensitive information from prying eyes and visual hacking.

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Simple yet effective

Get world-class monitor and laptop privacy plus easy screen sharing with our ingenious 3M™ COMPLY™ Privacy Filter Attach Solutions. 3M™ COMPLY™ Magnetic Attach for Monitors allows you to quick-click between privacy and screen sharing thanks to ultra-strong magnets that click the filter securely into place. 3M™ COMPLY™ Flip Attach for 3M privacy screen protectors allows you to quick-flip between privacy and screen sharing thanks to the durable, hinged design.

  • 3M™ COMPLY™ Magnetic Attach for blue light screen protector PC
    For standalone full screen monitors
    • Quick-click between world-class privacy and screen sharing thanks to ultra-strong magnets that click the filter securely into place
    • Leverages the power of rare earth magnets that are 100X stronger than common refrigerator magnets
    • Proprietary modern design seamlessly attaches the screen filter for PC to the monitor display for a sleek, aesthetic look
    • Engineered to minimize the gap between privacy screen protector and monitor screen, ensuring a crisp, clear image without blurring or ghosting
    • Ingenious quick-click brackets help eliminate fingerprints by reducing the need to touch the filter directly
    • Durable and reliable attachment that's easily installed and used with minimal maintenance
  • 3M™ COMPLY™ Attachment for Laptop Screen Filter
    For laptops
    • Quickly and easily switch from world-class privacy to screen sharing with one simple flip
    • Proprietary hinged design withstands the rigors of daily use
    • Flip tab makes it easy to flip the laptop screen filter without leaving fingerprints
    • Proprietary 3M high-strength adhesive holds the privacy screen protector to your laptop, but comes off cleanly when needed
    • Durable and flexible enough to fit over curved surfaces and on a variety of laptop and tablet screens
    • Helps avoid misplacement, loss and scratches by keeping the privacy filter attached to your laptop

Looking for your 3M™ COMPLY™ Privacy Filter Attach Solutions?

Currently, COMPLY privacy filter attach solutions come included with our privacy screen protector that fits full-screen monitors and most laptop models, including Macbook Pro®

  • The best screen protector conveniently flipping up with 3M COMPLY Attachment on laptop

    Our latest innovations is truly worth flipping over

    Our 3M™ Comply™ Attachment System is a revolutionary new method for attaching to 3M privacy screen protectors. With a sturdy hinged design, you can easily switch from a privacy-protected screen to screen sharing by simply lifting the glass screen protector up.

    Unique hinge design - durable in harsh environments for everyday use

    Quick Flip Tab - The privacy filter is fingerprint-free and can be easily lifted.

    3M's proprietary high-strength adhesive secures the privacy screen protector to your laptop, and when peeled off, it's usually clean on most laptops.

    There is no need to remove and store the filter. With the screen protector on your laptop, you won't have to worry about misalignment or loss, and your screen surface won't get scratched.

    Excellent versatility. Durable and flexible to fit curved surfaces, can be used on a variety of devices.

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3M™ COMPLY™ Attachment System is available on our 3M™ Privacy Filter products for laptops. Learn more about our most popular privacy screen protectors now featuring the COMPLY attachment system.

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Installation procedure

  • Video to install COMPLY attachment system for bezel
    3M™ COMPLY™ Attachment System - With Bezel

    Watch this video for a concise and easy-to-understand explanation of how to install the bezel-mounted type.

  • how to install laptop screen protector
    3M™ COMPLY™ Attachment System - Full Screen Universal

    Watch this video to explain how to install Full screen Universal in a concise and easy-to-understand manner.

  • how to install macbook laptop screen protector
    3M™ COMPLY™ Attachment System - for MacBook

    Watch a concise and easy-to-understand video on how to mount the system for your MacBook computer.

  • screen filter for pc
    3M™ COMPLY™ Attachment System - Custom

    Watch this video to explain how to install a custom fit in a concise and easy-to-understand manner.

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  • learn more about 3m comply and ensure privacy and protection for your computer or laptop

    Have other device screens that need privacy or screen protection? 3M has you covered.

    Blue light screen protectors are your first line of defence against visual hackers, physical screen damage and screen glare. From large desktop monitors to tablets to mobile phones, we offer products that fit over 40,000 devices, so chances are we’ve got the right product to help protect your screen, and help keep the information displayed on it, private.