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3M Centre for Respiratory Protection

Annual Respirator Training

Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS1715 requires employers to train and fit-test employees who use respiratory protection on the job. This annual training gives you a chance to explain the importance of respiratory protection and give everyone a refresher course on properly using and caring for their equipment.

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    Your annual training should include the following:

    1. Identification of Respiratory hazards.
    2. Reasons for RPE
    3. RPE Selection
    4. Uses and proper fitting.
    5. Wear time
    6. Limitations of RPE
    7. Maintenance and storage of RPE
    8. Program Summary

Step 1: Identification of Respiratory hazards

Coverage of gas/vapour and particulate hazards and oxygen deficient atmospheres

Step 2: Reasons for RPE

Coverage of any applicable regulations, local exposure circumstances and status of engineering controls

Step 3: RPE Selection

Selection issues like Hazard identification, Assessment of risk and selection of appropriate equipment

Step 4: Use and proper fitting of RPE

Cover use and fitting issues to ensure RPE is and remains suitable.

Step 5: Wear Time

Stress importance of wearing RPE at all times it is needed.

Step 6: Limitations of RPE

Discussion on limitations of RPE in use.

Step 7: Maintenance and Storage

Talk about maintenance and storage of respirators. If your employees are responsible for the maintenance of their own reusable respirators, go over the detailed cleaning, inspection, repair and storage procedures listed in the respirators’ instruction manuals.

NOTE: Disposable respirators may simply be thrown away.

Step 8: Summary

A summary of the elements of the applicable Respiratory Protection Program