Lady tapping on the digital screen of a modern refrigerator.

Home Appliance Bonding and Assembly

Create modern appliance designs for a comfortable home.

​For appliances that are sturdier, lighter and quieter.

Expand design boundaries by seamlessly bonding dissimilar materials with industrial tapes and adhesives. With 3M Home Appliance Bonding and Assembly Solutions, you’ll be able to tackle the various stress points of appliance manufacturing, enabling you to take on all types of assemblies.

Take a look at 3M's lineup of bonding and joining solutions that meet even the most stringent performance requirements.

    • Bond dissimilar materials and expand your range of modern designs
    • Apply adhesive solutions to the entire joint for a more comprehensive bond
    • Absorb vibrations of home appliances to reduce unwanted noise levels
    • Eliminate the hassle of finishing and surface polishing

Home Appliance Industry Applications

  • 4-door refrigerator product image with electronic display panel to adjust settings.
    Electronic Display Assembly

    3M tapes and adhesives are optimal for both LCD and OLED assemblies, preventing display distortion with proper heat dissipation.

    Relevant Application Group:
    Large Surface Lamination

  • Top-loading washing machine with transparent lid.
    Washing Machines - Cover Assemblies

    Bond challenging, dissimilar materials (like transparent lids and panel doors) with invisible bonding and no surface marks.

    Relevant Application Group:
    Panel-to-frame, Stiffener-to-panel Assemblie

  • A built-in dishwasher that is fully loaded, with the door slightly ajar.
    Dishwashers - Glass Panel Installation

    Practically invisible adhesion is ideal for glass overlays and touch screens, and maintains good touch display sensitivity and easy reading.

    Relevant Application Group:
    Panel-to-frame, Stiffener-to-panel Assemblies

  • A built-in sleek modern oven in a modern kitchen.
    Ovens - Control Panel Assembly

    Thinner heat-resistant tape that’s precisely applicable allows for more highly integrated designs, and bonds small, irregularly shaped parts.

    Relevant Application Group:
    Small Parts Attachments

Why choose 3M?

  • Globe icon with human in the foreground, to show global experience.
    40+ Years and 75+ Global Adhesive Specialists

    Having developed adhesive products for over 40 years, we’re here to help you find the perfect adhesive solutions to match your requirements. From tapes to sprays and structural adhesives, our experts engineers work with multiple bonding options regularly. This enables our customers to bring concepts to life while keeping costs in line.

  • Engineering safety eyewear icon.
    35+ Global Application Engineers

    In addition to adhesive specialists, 3M has over 35 global application engineers who offer testing and reporting for customers of all sizes, industries and locations. They can test the strength performance of multiple adhesives on specific substrates under different heat, humidity and force levels.

  • Beaker and test tube icons to show lab research for adhesive solutions.
    3 Global Adhesive Solutions Labs

    Our Global Adhesive Solutions Laboratories in China, Germany and the United States were built to help our customers even further. Here, customers and 3M engineers come together to test adhesive options. Our engineers also work with customers requiring assistance with Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and data modeling.

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