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Adhesive Sealants

Adhesive solutions for Industrial, Transportation, Marine, and Construction applications.


  • High-rise building with glass windows against clear day skies.
    • Seal out heat, humidity, UV rays and water
    • Outlast mechanical and environmental strain
    • Eliminate the challenge of bonding rigid to flexible substrates 
    • Applications include Expansion Joints, Moisture Barriers and Gap-Filling Bonds 
  • Heavy container vehicle driving along the road against the sunset and hilly background.
    Industrial and Transportation
    • Create strong, flexible bonds that last
    • Provide UV stability and weatherability 
    • Demanding exterior industrial and transportation applications 
  • Yachts are being constructed
    • Create watertight seals that will resist weathering, shock, vibration, swelling and shrinkage
    • For boatbuilding, maintaining fleets, or repairing watercraft
    • Applications include Fiberglass deck to hull, Through-hull fittings, Wood to fiberglass, and more 

Features of 3M™ Adhesive Sealants

3M offers a comprehensive line of strong adhesive sealants and tapes for whatever you’re bonding and sealing – wood, metal, glass, gelcoat, plastics or fiber-reinforced plastic.

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For rough, patterned or uneven substrates.

For bonds that need to hold firm as well as seal.
To stand up to tough environments such as weather, saltwater or UV.
To allow joint movement while maintaining a bond.
Efficient seals to keep external environments out and internal things in.

Types of 3M™ Adhesive Sealants

  • Adhesive sealant used for metal to metal bonding application.

    3M™ Polyurethane Sealants

    • Strong, flexible and durable elastomeric bonds
    • Seals against the elements
    • Can be painted once skin forms
    • Available in a wide variety of hardnesses, open times and colours
Marine Sealants
  • Marine Adhesive sealant used for repair job.

    Marine Sealants

    • Take on wide range of demanding boat maintenance and repair jobs.
    • Sealants like 3M™ Marine Adhesive Sealant 5200 have been trusted industry standards for over 50 years.
    • Permanent, waterproof bonds to wood, gelcoat, fiberglass and more.
    • Fast-cure, UV-resistant adhesive sealants, metal sealants, primers specifically for wood and glass, and more.
  • Video of 3M™ Marine Adhesive Sealant 5200 through hull testimonial

    Featured Products

    • 3M Marine Adhesive Sealant 5280
    • 3M Marine Adhesive Sealant 4200FC
Specialty Sealants
  • Specialty Sealants

    • Ensure performance across nearly any watercraft job.
    • Includes polyurethane, silicone, MSP (modified silane polymer) and butyl rubber chemistries.
    • Suitable for wide variety of applications and environmental conditions.
High Strength Sealant
  • High strength adhesive sealant applied on metal substrates

    High Strength Sealant Adhesives

    • Outlast mechanical and environmental strain
    • Easy, efficient alternative to replace or reduce mechanical fasteners or nails needed
    • Broad Portfolio of Polyurethane and Silane Modified Polymer (SMP) sealant adhesives
    • Easy-to-install cartridge or sausage packs for manual, battery-assisted or pneumatic applications
    • Durable, elastomeric bonds that seal out elements
    • Low VOCs, Greenguard® and LEED® accrediting for greener building projects

Application Methods for Adhesive Sealants

Your application method will depend on your unique circumstances. Generally speaking, manual application involves little investment in equipment but with higher labor costs while automated application requires little or no labor but has high equipment outlays up front. Machine-assisted application falls between those extremes: a trained operator uses a hand-held applicator to apply the adhesive, which is forced out with the aid of a battery or pneumatic system.

  • Video of adhesive sealants’ application by manual
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  • Video of adhesive sealants’ application by assisted
    Assisted (0:54)
  • Video of adhesive sealants’ application by automated
    Automated (1:17)

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