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Reclosable  Fasteners

Alternatives to mechanical fasteners and adhesives for removable,  serviceable,  and accessible applications.

Features of 3M Reclosable Fasteners

Attachment is changing: new substrates, lower weight requirements and easy panel replacement are just a few of the challenges manufacturers are facing. Here are some ways in which 3M can help you face those challenges:

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Dissimilar Bonding

Attach a variety of different substrates to one another easily, with durable holding power up to 5X the strength of other products.

Design flexibility

Reclosable fasteners are designed to fit even constricted areas and come in a variety of strengths to fit your project needs.


Form durable bonds with increased vibration damping, avoid bonds that loosen with time or failing attachments.


Reduce overall weight without compromising on holding strength, with easy to apply, use and maintain solutions.


Experience increased durability with fasteners that can withstand consistent usage of repeated opening and closing – thousand times over!

Types of Reclosable Fasteners

3M™ Dual Lock™ Reclosable Fasteners
  • Demonstration on using a dual-lock reclosable fastener.
    ​3M™ Dual Lock™ Reclosable Fasteners
    • Five times stronger than conventional products
    • Easy separation and invisible aesthetic
    • Snap and lock into place efficiently
    • Secure, easy and convenient
3M™ Hook and Loop Fasteners
  • Long metal rods are held together with a reclosable fastener strap.
    3M™ Hook and Loop Fasteners
    • Resilient for thousands of easy openings and secure closings
    • Durable hooks on one side and pliable loops on the other
    • Tight closure and easy-peel opening
    • Available in different colours
    • Attaches to a variety of substrates
  • Graphic showing the various layers of a reclosable fastener.
    Featured Products
    • 3M™ Hook Fastener SJ3526N & 3M™ Loop Fastener SJ3527N
    • 3M™ Hook Fastener SJ3572 & 3M™ Loop Fastener SJ3571
    • 3M™ Loop Fastener SJ3571 & 3M™ Loop Fastener SJ3507

See 3M™ Reclosable Fasteners in Action

  • Video of Partition Attachment with 3M™ Dual-Lock™
    Partition Attachment with 3M™ Dual-Lock™

    Watch how 3M™ Dual Lock™ offers excellent strength for partition securement, yet separates easily for quick removal and cleaning.

  • Video of Tourig Testimonial
    Tourig Testimonial

    Watch Tourig’s founders discuss why they work with 3M and use 3M™ Dual Lock™ and other products in their overland adventure vehicles.

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