Hearing Protection Applications & Noise Hazards

You can advance your hearing conservation program with a customised and comprehensive approach to the hearing protection challenge. Implementing a solution that really makes a difference begins with understanding the hazards, occupational noise exposure, the regulation and the factors that impact protection.

How do I choose the right hearing protection?

Different work environments and hearing and communication needs require different kinds of hearing protection solutions.

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    Protection in Continuous Loud Noise

    When workers are exposed to continuous loud noise, earplugs can offer low-cost, effective hearing protection.

    Featured 3M Products:

    3M™ Push-to-Fit Earplugs

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    Protection in Variable Noise Levels

    Often, workers need both protection from loud noise as well as the ability to hear normally in low noise, without removing their hearing protection.

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    Communicating in Loud Noise

    Hearing protection with built-in two-way radios allow workers to clearly communicate in noise

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    Heavy Manufacturing

    Do you need to talk to others on the plant floor or hear machine noise to troubleshoot? Are you frequently traveling between loud and quiet areas? The PELTOR™ brand has products to help you stay protected while helping you hear your surroundings and/or communicate with others.

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    Find 3Mᵀᴹ PELTORᵀᴹ products that can help protect your crew from hazardous noise in the construction site while helping them hear the critical sounds needed to perform their job safely and productively.

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    Defense & law enforcement

    The PELTOR™ brand is known for tactical hearing protection and communication solutions. Utilizing the environmental listening technology for auditory situational awareness, the 3M™ PELTOR™ ComTac™ advanced hearing protectors are a premier solution to help ensure your operational effectiveness.

  • Many shooters wear their hearing protectors for long periods of time and need attenuation to fit their sport while being able to hear their team or important warning signals

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The world's first earplug with attenuation data for both two hand insertion (SLC80 20dB) and one hand insertion (SLC80 16dB) methods.

Finding and using the right Hearing Protection Products