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School Zone Safety

A compelling argument for safer school zones.

Communities around the world are committed to eliminate traffic fatalities and serious injuries. Children are some of the most vulnerable road users who both need and deserve special protection.

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Help Improve Children’s Safety by Enhancing School Zone Visibility.

Promoting School Zone Safety

Urbanisation across the globe has caused increased traffic in contained areas, including school zones. This presents challenges like keeping children safe as they travel to and from school. We should address these challenges for young children walking and biking in and around school zones, as well as on the routes they travel.

Explore how these three countries are using 3M technology to help improve children’s safety.

  • Children cross a street, directed by an adult in a fluorescent safety vest

    Korea's Yellow Carpet program is a school zone safety initiative designed to teach and help keep kids stay safe on their school commutes while also increasing their visibility to drivers.

  • A traffic sign with fluorescent sign sheeting reads, “SCHOOL ZONE 220 m.”

    India's Young Change Agents for Road Safety programme is a school zone safety project that educates and empowers kids to keep them safe on the roads.     

  • Schoolchildren wearing safety vests cross a crosswalk with adult holding a school zone safety sign

    China's School Zone Safety programme is an initiative for educating kids and keeping them safe on the roads around them.

an image of two children with their bikes at the yellow carpet school zone in Korea

Experiential learning and 3M road safety solutions help children in India and Korea create safer school zones.

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