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Conspicuity Markings for Heavy Vehicles and Trailers

Increased vehicle visibility for improved safety.

  • 3M reflective conspicuity tape helps improve the visibility and safety of your vehicles and trailers. Conspicuity tape complies with UN/ECE104.

DOT conspicuity tape on truck

Safety is easy to see.

  • Government regulations call for conspicuity tape on certain types of vehicles and trailers to help prevent traffic accidents, injuries, and deaths. The NHTSA estimates that, annually, these regulations help prevent between 191 and 350 accidental deaths, up to 5,000 injuries, and 7,800 crashes compared to fleets without conspicuity tape. ¹

    Full-contour and partial contour vehicle markings are recommended in Australia under the ATA Industry Technical Advisory Procedure for Heavy Vehicle Visibility. To be compliant to Australian Design Rule 13/00, 2005 guidance. (Appendix A – UNECE R48/03) the tapes must have performance, colours and dimensions compliant with UN/ECE104. Contour markings should cover at least 80% of the total length and width of the vehicle / trailer and should be as close as possible to the edges. Full contour markings are the preferred layout. Vehicle reflective Markings are also recommended in New Zealand by NZTA under “Land Transport Rule: Vehicle Lighting”.

get 3M conspicuous markings on vehicles for high-performance and improved visibility
The Ultimate Guide for Vehicle Visibility.

Learn about the regulations and benefits of reflective conspicuity markings.

Conspicuity Applications
  • 3M conspicuity tape diamond grade on trucks
    Trucks and Trailers

    3M™ Diamond Grade™ Conspicuity Markings Series 983 are the best “real world” solution to increase a vehicle’s visibility. Here’s why. Starts bright, stays bright - After 2,000 hours of accelerated weathering,* Series 983 showed the smallest change in brightness (<10%)**

    *Xe Arc Test as per ASTM D4956-19 Method 1 **Compared to markings from select manufacturers (DOT-C2 regulated marking colours).

  • 3M conspicuity tape diamond grade for freight rail cars
    Freight Rail Cars

    Enhanced visibility down the line. Make your rail cars more visible with 3M™ Diamond Grade™ Rail Car Markings.

  • high-visibility vehicle stickers used on school buses can help improve safety for students and drivers on the roads
    School Buses

    Help improve safety for students and motorists. Give your school buses outstanding visibility with 3M™ Diamond Grade™ School Bus Markings.

  • high-visibility vehicle stickers are essential for smoother and safer road journeys
    Fire Trucks and Emergency Vehicles

    Retroreflectivity to the rescue. Increase the visibility of your fire trucks, ambulances, police cars and other emergency vehicles with 3M™ Emergency Vehicle Markings.

Learn More About 3M Reflective Tape

3m conspicuity tape brochure
How Do I Apply and Remove Conspicuity Tape?

3M Conspicuity Tape can help your trucks, trailers and other large vehicles stand out day or night, rain or shine. Easy-to-install and highly visible with bright retroreflectivity at wide angles. Built to last with strong adhesion and durable materials. Keep your trucks and trailers visible for the long haul.     


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